Describe a time in your life when something of value to you was lost and found again. Read Luke 15:1-10 From vs. 1,2, who are the various people that are in this setting? How would you describe their relationship with Jesus at this time? What insight does the gospel of Luke and the immediate context […]

Doug and I are wondering if any groups are still using the questions. If so, please send one of us a message. Thanks. Glen

1. Read Luke 14:25-35. 2. What does Jesus mean when he says to “hate” your mother, father, sister, brother, etc? What other Scriptures suggest that in Luke 14 Jesus is using hyperbole (For example, we are also commanded to honor our father and mother)? 3. So, what does this comparative “hate” look like in real […]

1. Read Luke 14:1-6.  What do you observe in these 6 verses?  What do you believe is the significance of “they were watching him carefully?”  Do you believe this is a set-up? Why are the religious leaders so opposed to Jesus?  Are their reasons valid? 2. Read Luke 14:7-15. 3. In Jesus rebuke to the […]

How do you relate to the idea that we often live life inside a Christian bubble? How aware are you of persecution of Christians in other parts of the world? Have you ever experienced any threats or negative consequences as a result of your faith? Read Luke 13:31-35. What is your sense about the sincerity […]

1.  Read Luke 13:22-30 2.  In what ways have you encountered a culture that views Christians as arrogant, bigoted, intolerant, & hateful?  What causes the world to view Christians in this way?  Why is it viewed as hateful when truth is proclaimed? 3.  How does Jesus respond to the question that is asked of him […]

1. Read Luke 13:18-21. 2. What currently encourages you or discourages you with regard to Christianity in the United States and Around the World? 3. What is your current level of hope in the local church to accomplish it’s mission? What needs to change and what needs to stay the same? 4. How do you […]